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Kaizen is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement which we, consciously or unconsciously, strive for as human beings.

We can never stop to learn and grow if we want to have a fulfilling life. 

There are very ways to accelerate learning and growth and make it more tangible with observable results. Coaching is the way. Kaizen Continuous Improvement Coaching Studio acts as a thinking partner walking you through the process of change helping you maximise your progress and achievements.

Given our outcome-oriented approach, which professional personal performance coaching offers, combined with the experience in operational excellence, being qualified to use psychometric tools, backed up by a keen interest in psychology, we can help you with both the rational, down-to-earth level of change as well as the more unconscious, but extremely powerful and capable of blocking your progress, change.


It is insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, Albert Einstein said.

Would you like different results? Then do things differently! How?

Read on.


If you just use a structured approach without any awareness and skill in exploring internal barriers, you will keep on arriving at the same solutions that didn’t work before, and aren’t going to work looking forward. An exclusive “outer game” focus, which is the norm in most business consultations, often fails to address key blockages to action and progress.

What you need is a coach who coaches competently and appropriately at both the outer and inner levels.


is a simple, yet not simplistic, results-focused process which helps define values and facilitates and accelerates achievement of set objectives.

In the process, we keep on asking: What is important for me? What do I want? And we move towards it gradually. The key is deep, meaningful and incremental change which coaching enables.

We help people overcome the challenge of change. What kind of change? A change in their way of thinking, speaking and doing. Be it becoming a better leader, overcoming procrastination, learning how to stop self-sabotaging, changing your career, or creating a fulfilling and balanced life - you name it, we can help.

Kaizen Coaching Ltd

Kaizen Coaching Ltd

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Paul Glenn

Sliding Paradigms

Hanna is a breath of fresh air when it comes to having her in your corner from a coaching point of view. You don't know what you don't know, Hanna very cleverly gets you thinking about your business and life, in ways you could not do on your own. We all should be striving to improve what we do and how we think continually, teamwork multiplies this and Hanna on your team is a must.


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