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Insanity: doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.

We help people overcome the challenge of change. What kind of change? A change in the way of thinking, speaking and doing. Be it being a great manager, beating procrastination and becoming an effective and successful person, learning how to deal with negative emotions, how to live a balanced life or how to change careers - you name it, we can help.

This is a Japanese concept of continuous improvement, which human beings consciously or unconsciously strive for. 

We can never stop to learn if we want to progress. There are ways, however, to accelerate learning and growth, make it more effective and fun. Coaching is the way.


is a simple yet not simplistic results-focused process which helps define values and objectives and facilitates and accelerates achievement of set objectives. In the process we ask: What is important for me? What do I want?

These are the most important questions we can ask ourselves. Without answering these questions, we are like Alice in Wonderland, asking the Cheshire Cat which path to take. If we don't know, we may well take either and see where it gets us, or doesn't... It would be a shame to waste all the time and effort it takes to find out!

Coaching can be the missing puzzle, the difference that makes a difference, that push, the magic wand we wish we had. If you want to live the life you want, change something you've been struggling with, influence, make an impact, improve relationships, or stop procrastinating, coaching is for you. 

*A telephone consultation can sound scary and uncomfortable. Don't worry. I handle calls like yours regularly and it's a safe environment. Whether we already know each other or not, the call is 100% confidential.
What will the call look like? 
I will ask you to talk me through your challenges and will tell you how I can help resolve them and what our collaboration could look like. We will also discuss rates.
The call will take up to 30 minutes.

contact@kaizenway.space | (+44) (0) 7889008753