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Personal Performance Coaching

Example challenges clients work on in individual sessions


Our ways of thinking and our mindset (the perception of ourselves, others and the world) don’t always serve us. We only use our conscious brain 5% of the time, so we complete the majority of daily tasks as routines and on autopilot.


Our thoughts and the way we think, unless regularly challenged, tend to be a reflection of the beliefs our parent figures passed onto us and our own beliefs which we acquired when we were children. They can be hurtful, unfair, and untrue, but also full of excuses.


The omnipresent critical voice that tells you you are not good enough to apply for that job, or to be with someone kind and attractive, or the voice that keeps telling you that you can go and exercise tomorrow instead of today, are simply thinking scripts that can be rewritten in our adult life. Only we, ourselves, can do it, by giving ourselves the attention, time and practice it takes to make the challenge of change. By developing self-awareness and learning various tools, techniques and skills, we can stop self-sabotaging ourselves and start living to our full potential.

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The thief of time.... Did you realise procrastination is not, for most people, a time management challenge? It’s an emotional management problem. It’s do with motivation, a perceived value of the task we are trying to complete and the level of our impulsiveness.

The trouble is, chronic procrastinators, as multiple studies show, suffer from a sense of guilt and shame about their procrastination - even if they frequently laugh their procrastination off in public. No wonder - they keep on disappointing themselves by letting themselves and others down. Let’s go for that run tomorrow, let’s think about it later, let’s look at that report first thing tomorrow morning ... Can you relate to any of these examples? Procrastination may lead to overwhelm, increased anxiety and skyrocketing levels of stress. And that’s on top of the underperformance that’s already happening!

Why do you procrastinate and aren't achieving as much as you would like to? Do you feel like time flies by and your to-do-list is growing and there's never enough time to actually get down to completing it?

Start living your life to the full by creating the time and headspace for everything that is important to you. Get things done. Get results.

Smart Watch


Nothing is ever good enough for a perfectionist, no matter how good! Some perfectionists get bogged down in detail and can never move past it, which makes them feel always behind. Some suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that drives them, and sometimes others, crazy. They never get anything finished. Everything has to be done in a certain way. Being a perfectionist can be extremely exhausting!

Perfectionism is very often just the tip of the iceberg - there are unresolved challenges and limiting beliefs lurking from the underneath of that layer of "convenient" distraction and always trying to perfect something.


Strategies to combat anxiety

Perhaps you are an anxious person and it's slowing you down, maybe you've even missed out on some opportunities because of it. Anxiety makes us lose focus, clarity, and it sends us into the fight, flight or freeze mode, which is a "no growth" zone. It may be preventing you from living your best life.


There are strategies to cope with anxiety. NB, I am not a therapist, and I may refer you to a specialist if your anxiety is severe.

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Influencing and communication

How aware are you of what drives human behaviour and what it means in practice?

Can you notice, name and stay with your emotions? 

How can you get others to support you?

How to speak to others so that they want to support you?

Building confidence

Become what you deserve to be, a confident individual who knows their own worth and acts accordingly.


Have the confidence to ask for things in life and believe in yourself. 

Dare to be yourself.

DOn't be afraid of failure.

Let yourself be vulnerable as there's no courage without vulnerability.


Healthy living and building physical strength

How is your physical health, the level of your fitness and physical strength currently? How do you feel in your own body? If it's just fine, congratulations!

If it's far from that, why not take steps to bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be? It's unlikely your challenges live in your fridge!


We are experts in helping people change their mindset and habits for effective long-term and  sustainable change.

Building thriving relationships as a parent, partner and friend

The meaning of communication is the way we communicate. What kind of language do you use while communicating with yourself and others? Do you think about the impact your words and body language have on the person in front of you? Can you read theirs?


We are all very different but without the diversity, we wouldn't be able to innovate and explore. For this reason, we must be able to communicate in a respectful way and adapt to each other's styles and preferences to co-exist happily.


Learn how to be more compassionate and better support one another.

Holding Hands


Starting from £150 plus VAT  for 60-min session

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