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Newlywed Gay Couple Dancing on Wedding C


Are you a progressive couple who takes pride in looking after their relationship? A holiday together is fun, but you can't escape from yourselves and each other no matter how far you travel! 


A Couple Enrichment programme is a perfect opportunity to take stock, regroup, reset and march confidently towards shared and individual goals and the future together. How can we enrich our life as a couple? How can we be better to each other? How to create more excitement?


The "Couple Enrichment" programme has been designed to open up the dialogue between you two, and to undergo a thorough analysis of who you are, want to be and where you are and want to go individually and as a couple. The ability to understand one another better, stress management strategies and a solid action plan will be some of the benefits of completing this programme.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch. In the meantime, watch one of my "couple" clients talk about how they benefited from the Couple Enrichment.

£995 per couple

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