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Wouldn’t it be perfect to find yourself in a dreamy location far away enough from home and work to unplug, yet close enough to experience the comfort of somewhere nearby and feeling like home? Imagine waking up in crisp sheets and getting ready for a delicious a breakfast that will prep you for your daily Life Skills coaching session and an exciting day at a beautiful venue with like-minded people who want more in life just like YOU – to be more, to do more, and to have more. Surrounded by green with ample space for walking and other forms of exploration, self-reflection and relaxation.

We all struggle to make the time and create headspace for the positive change in our life we want to happen while engrossed in the daily work and home routine. We promise ourselves to do something one day truly for ourselves, over and over again... We let ourselves down and yet another year goes by spent on the “One Day I’ll…”. If you have finally plucked up all your courage and energy to make a lasting change in your life, congratulations! And welcome,YOU have come to the right place!


Kaizen Continuous Improvement Coaching Studio has created the perfect opportunity for YOU to go on this short but empowering adventure – a retreat for your tired mind.

Ironically, taking yourself away to a place where you can slow down, relax and stimulate your mind in new ways will create a boost of motivation and productivity.



If you’re still unsure whether the event is right for YOU, just ask yourself these questions.

Do I ever struggle managing my emotions?

Do I wish I could be a bit or much more assertive or confident?

Does ‘everything’ and ‘everyone’ seem to irritate me far too often?

Is frustration or anxiety a frequent guest in my life?

Do I feel overwhelmed?

Do I feel tired?

Is there something missing in my life, but I'm not sure what it is and don't know how to fix it?

I miss a sense of direction in my life...

What do I want?

How do I ...?


Here’s the uncomfortable truth: YOU are responsible for the way you feel. Yes, you heard me. You and no one else. But here’s some good news. By re-learning the way you perceive the world, retraining yourself in the way you speak to yourself and think, you can turn things around and it’s never too late. YOU can give yourself a new chance, a new outlook on life, new feelings, and a whole new life. A life full of appreciation, internal and external kindness and fulfilment.


I’m Hanna, and I’ll be your coach and adviser at the retreat. I’ll take you through this journey of learning how to be the person you want to be starting as you are, and I will hold you accountable.



Kaizen will make sure you get the best value for money while making the most out of your retreat, or when you share the ‘secret’ with a friend, colleague or a family member and they decide to join us at the retreat*.




The retreat takes place on

8-10 November 2019,

starting on Friday late afternoon ending on Sunday afternoon at about 14.00 (depending on the hotel checkout time – the exact timing tbc).



Great value

A small group of 10 people maximum

If you refer a friend or partner and decide to come onto the retreat with them, each of you will receive £100 cash-back within 3 days of  completing the retreat. If you recommend 2 friends and they enroll, you will receive £150 cash-back and each of your friends £100.

The above offer applies to those who decide on the early bird option which ends on 8September at  24:00.


Investment of only

£1400 including VAT!

What’s included in the rate?

3 x 90-120-minute mindset coaching sessions. A 3-session coaching event would cost you the value of the whole retreat outside the retreat.

Accommodation at a highly-rated boutique hotel in Cambridgeshire or Derbyshire– details to be confirmed in due course.

2 meals: breakfast and dinner 

You can pay in total upon registration (please email when you would like to process the payment) or in 3 instalments:

  • a £500 deposit in August – refundable within 48hr of reservation 

  • a £400 instalment in September

  • a £500 final  instalment or any outstanding amount before 20 October 2019

     good       change
AND register today
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