I'm a professional Performance Coach helping improve people's performance in and outside work. I work with

  • organisational leaders by helping them create and implement a continuous-improvement and -learning-driven culture which shifts mindsets and behaviours rather than acts as a plaster on existing issues. Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity and support to perform at their best.

  • line managers wanting to enhance their leadership skills and thus, improve employee engagement, productivity and customer experience

  • individuals, guiding them in the process of conquering their emotional barriers, such as fear and procrastination; developing helpful thinking strategies, healthy habits, with the aim of achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

We work and tackle challenges together. We support you every step of the way with a structure, process and tools. Our work approach is inspired by the Lean methodology where we want to increase effectiveness (and efficiency, where possible) of people - be it individuals or employees, personal or business processes and systems. I use both coaching and advisory elements in my practice.

I’ve been teaching, training and coaching adults for 15 years as a result of my passion for continuous learning, education, personal development and continuous improvement.

Being a professional and qualified coach, I am bound by a professional coaching code of ethics which includes confidentiality and other standards of high-quality practice. The code can be viewed here

  • professional Personal Performance Coach trained by The Coaching Academy (ICF accredited)

  • certified Business Coach by YB12 Coach (ICF accredited)

  • MSc Business and Organisational Psychology  2021

  • PRINCE2 Practitioner

  • Operational Excellence Practitioner

  • MA in the English Language with a Diploma in Pedagogy and Methodology of Teaching

  • NLP Practitioner

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I live in Cambridgeshire. At the moment, all sessions take place on Zoom, Skype or on the phone.


  • Overcoming procrastination

  • Building influencing skills

  • Identifying and removing emotional barriers

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Aligning goals to values

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Achieving balance and fulfilment

  • Improving relationships


  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Employee engagement

  • Dealing with difficult behaviour

  • Team alignment

  • Employee retention

  • Resourcefulness and results

  • Change management

  • Conflict management

  • Creating systems and an organisational structure

  • Removing waste and creating savings

  • Time management

  • Successful meetings

  • Idea Generation for Problem Solving


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