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Emotional Intelligence


Arms Crossed


For professionals and business owners

A revolutionary and effective programme to create sustainable change in your life

Are you busy? Tired? Fed up?

Do you need a fresh start?

Have you experienced:

  • overwhelm

  • procrastination

  • a lack of focus and ability to prioritise

  • failing to follow through on your goals and plans

  • stress and anxiety about not doing all the things you believe you should be doing

  • a lack of time (constant busyness)

  • persistent negative thoughts about yourself and others

  • regretting your inability to switch off, or have more balance in your life


  • not being able to communicate your needs in an assertive and calm way

  • not getting on with others

  • snapping at family, friends or colleagues

maybe this is what has been bothering you?

  • a lack of a meaningful career 

  • not pursuing your passions in your personal life

  • being ok, but not good enough?

If so...


The EQ Mastermind

from £150 per 60-min session ; 13 sessions in total

Payment plans available

Get the desired results and make them last forever with the EQ MASTERMIND - a 12-month personal resilience bootcamp.

Download our EQ Mastermind Brochure

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It's not rocket science, but it is a science. So you can learn it!

By committing to this programme you will:

Understand yourself and what matters the most in your life

Learn to set realistic and powerful goals

Stop procrastinating and take action

Learn the skills to consistently achieve them

Build a sustainable change system

Master your emotions and stop falling into emotional pitfalls that sap your energy, use up your headspace and significantly slow you down

Achieve a more balanced life

Live a more fulfilling life


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