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a revolutionary and effective programme to create sustainable change in your life that you've always wanted
how much is your happiness worth to you?

Are you tired and fed up? Do you need a fresh start? Whether it's been

  • your lack of focus and the ability to prioritise

  • procrastinating

  • suffering from overwhelm

  • getting stressed or anxious about not doing all the things you should be doing

  • failing to follow through on your goals and plans

  • lack of time


  • not being able to communicate your needs in an assertive and calm way and get what you want

  • not getting on with others

  • snapping at family, friends or colleagues

  • regretting your lack of the ability to switch off, have more balance in your life


  • the lack of a meaningful career 

  • not pursuing your passions

  • not being fulfilled

  • your persistent negative thoughts about yourself and others?

right in time to recover from the current crisis!

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Get the results and make them last forever with the EQ MASTERMIND

it's not rocket science, but it is a science. So you can learn it!


By committing to this programme you will:

  • Understand yourself and what matters the most in your life 

  • Learn to set realistic and powerful goals

  • Learn the skills to consistently achieve them

  • Build a sustainable change system 

  • Stop procrastinating and take action

  • Condition yourself for inviting those events and circumstances into your life that you truly want

  • Get rid of a major part of the stress in your life

  • Master your emotions and stop falling into emotional pitfalls that sap your energy, use up your headspace and significantly slow you down

  • Achieve a more balanced life

  • Live a more fulfilled life

  • a 12-month GROUP programme at £99* a month for a 90-minute session (compared to £150 per a 60-minute individual session)
  • We meet once a month at 8.00AM for 90 minutes on Zoom
  • Convenient payment plans available if you commit to the full programme 
  • Learn from one another and network
   *   Only £99 a month if paid in advance;  Pay as you go £129 a month

I first met Hanna at one of her seminars titled “Beat procrastination, build motivation and reduce stress in your life”. During this, we learned about the wheel of life and setting our priority goals in life. It struck a chord with me and I realised that I had to do something differently if I ever wanted to achieve my dreams and ambitions, professionally and personally. 


After the seminar, I spoke with Hanna and we agreed to meet again to discuss further coaching. I have now enrolled on “Mastermind”, a monthly session where Hanna takes you on a pathway that helps you to understand yourself, what matters to you in your life and allows you to lead a balanced life.

I thoroughly recommend to anyone who is struggling 

with these types of issues to have a conversation with Hanna.


I met Hanna at her talk that she delivered at my current workplace. It was titled ‘How to beat Procrastination, Build Motivation and Land on the Moon!’. I found both the talk and the fact that Hanna manged to change her career so dramatically really inspiring. Therefore, I decided to sign up for personal coaching with Hanna.  

I find her very approachable and trustworthy. During the sessions we set goals towards which I try to work every day. Through very direct and accurate questions Hanna makes me think really hard on how I would like to achieve my goals, what obstacles I might have and what level of my dedication there is towards each goal.  She also helps me to understand where the obstacles are coming from and how to remove them.


She also teaches me to be kind to myself and to reward myself for every tiny progress that I make in my life, that it takes time to change the way of thinking and acting towards other people, it takes time to change the approach to various things in life and it takes time to find out what you really want from your life; and it is ok to fail as long as you find out why you did not succeed in and continue your efforts towards fulfilling your dreams.


Most of all, I learnt that nothing will change if I do not change!  

Kasia, Imperial College London 

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