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Coaching & training

for men

in their mid-life

Do you feel stuck, or that you're not living to your full potential?

The Kaizen Man programme has been created to unlock your potential and help you go from good to great; from functional to excellent.

With us, you will be able to take off the "tough guy" mask a lot of men wear every single day, and without being or feeling judged for it. Confidentiality is a top priority for us.


We will listen patiently and offer a safe space, and a tested and effective structure to let you explore any challenges as well as find solutions right for you.


Boys don’t cry...
Man up!



Can you relate to any of the challenges some of our clients were struggling with when they came to ask us for help?

  • My PERFORMANCE isn’t at the level I’d like it to be
    My PERFORMANCE at work and / or in my personal life isn’t at the level I’d like it to be I don’t have enough time I procrastinate I feel overwhelmed I wish I had more freedom I wish I could spend less time working I feel stuck in my career I let things slip through the cracks
  • My HEALTH has deteriorated
    I don’t exercise regularly and spend a lot of time sat at my desk I have been eating badly I have put on weight I drink too much I feel sluggish and don’t have much energy I feel like I must do something about it and it’s driving me crazy I haven’t been able to I feel like I’m letting myself down
  • I don’t feel fulfilled IN MY RELATIONSHIPS
    I don’t feel fulfilled IN MY RELATIONSHIPS, with my partner and family My partner complains that I don’t listen, I don’t understand, or I don’t pay attention We don’t talk about feelings My partner doesn’t really know how I feel I don’t feel close to my partner and / or children I feel unheard I feel misunderstood I overreact

I often lack CLARITY and FOCUS

I’m merely content with life, or even, DISSATISFIED

I don't feel FULFILLED

I lack a sense of PURPOSE


Our human history, culture and traditions have led to most men learning to wear masks of almost limitless strength, making it hard for them to accept their own vulnerability.

Why do men need to be vulnerable, you may ask? Most men cringe at the very thought of the word "vulnerability". This is because to experience life fully and find fulfilment, we need courage. Courage is about doing what feels right, but it is also very uncomfortable. It's about showing up for yourself and others when the outcome is unknown or uncertain. It involves showing one's imperfections and insecurities, and risking being judged for that reason, criticised, or even rejected. Courage and vulnerability are especially relevant in roles such as leadership, or parenting, and in professional and personal relationships.

Many a man is still reluctant to take off his mask for fear of being perceived as weak, or not "manly" enough.

To feel fulfilled and happy in life, we need to be able to communicate our feelings, thoughts, emotions and needs, as this is what builds a connection with others. And yes, this involves feeling vulnerable.

Emotions are data which is used to read what's happening with us, others, and what we or others may need.


95% of the decisions we make is based on our emotions - mainly, fear and desire. We must learn to be consistently in touch with them and understand their language, so that we can utilise them, or move past them, and make the right decisions for us and our circumstances.

Healthy emotions are like a healthy body. And, in truth, we need them both. Neglecting our physical health drains our energy and affects our mental health. Psychosomatic symptoms will occur if we exhaust our body.

Where to start learning the language of emotions?

The first step is to observe and acknowledge that we have run into a challenge, and perhaps talk it through with someone we trust who won’t judge us. The crux of the matter is that men still rarely talk about what bothers them and what they fear, and they may end up living out of these states. It takes emotional intelligence to break the silence and create a clear and helpful language around emotions, including how to ask for help when we struggle.

Kaizen Man

The Kaizen Man programme (self-leadership for men) helps you master self-awareness, social awareness, manage your emotions, influence others, and be flexible - all with a dose of optimism.

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This programme will help you if you have been struggling with the following - 

Setting goals and dreams beyond earning money 

If you want more freedom, balance and life satisfaction

If you want to reduce distraction and procrastination, and focus on what is really important to you

If you need to overcome emotional or mental barriers, or need that extra push to progress in life

Do you aspire to be:

A more effective leader?

A supportive team player?

A more skilful communicator?

A more present partner, or father?

A happy human being?

If any one of these, or all of them, is a yes, we can help.

The Kaizen Man

Understand yourself and what matters the most in your life


Learn to set specific, realistic and powerful goals

Learn the skills to consistently achieve them

Stop procrastinating and take action

Condition yourself for inviting those events and

circumstances into your life that you truly want

Get rid of a major part of the stress in your life

Master your emotions and stop falling into emotional pitfalls that sap your energy, use up your headspace and significantly slow you down

Achieve more balance in your life


Live a more fulfilled life

If you decide to start the journey of accelerated growth, this is what's going to happen -

We’ll start with taking stock of your situation and assessing your needs and goals.

We will work with you through  all the elements of emotional intelligence (and more) to equip you with the most super power skillset yet!

We will meet every 2-3 weeks over a period of 6-12 months 

If you want to find out more about the programme, drop us a message, or give us a call!


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Download the Kaizen Man

self-assessment kit

In the meantime, you can start by assessing where you currently are in your life and define where you'd like to be by completing a selection of exercises in the self-assessment workbook.

Click here to download

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