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I was sceptical at first but after a couple of sessions, I could see and feel the benefits that Hannah could bring out in me. Hannah’s coaching is insightful, intuitive, wise and methodical. She believes in you when you do not. Coaching can be empowering. Instead of wishing that my life was different, or that I was different, I can act to change it instead. I can grant my own wishes! I expect more of myself now, because I know I am capable of it. I would recommend coaching to anyone. I’ve learned methods of thinking and acting that now help me to approach my problems constructively. 

Thank you Hannah.

S.W., Transport for London

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Working with Hanna over recent weeks has been of significant help to me. Her coaching has helped me to become more focussed, from a professional perspective in respect to how I approach work, and also in terms of my general approach and mindset. My days are more structured now, and Hanna's coaching has helped me to think about why I am doing things - what is the benefit? At a time where I identify that I need to change my approach, she has helped me to think and work more strategically, in a way which is kinder to myself. Above all, I've enjoyed it and want to continue in 2021.

James Fordham, RS Components

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Hanna has a natural ability to combine an engaging and relaxed personal style with a focussed method of questioning. The Coaching session I had with Hanna not only was inspiring but also very helpful and productive, enabling me to understand my strengths and prioritise the challenges I was facing at a crucial moment of my career. I wholeheartedly recommend Hanna as a Coach as her style is enlightening and scratches beneath the surface in a safe and appealing way.

Monica Suarez, Learning & Development, Imperial College London

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I first met Hanna at one of her seminar’s titled “Beat procrastination, build motivation and reduce stress in your life”.

During this we learned about the wheel of life and set our priority goal in life. It struck a chord with me and I realised that I had to do something differently if I ever wanted to achieve my dreams and ambitions, professionally and personally.


After the seminar, I spoke with Hanna and we agreed to meet again to discuss further coaching. I have now enrolled on  “Mastermind”, a monthly 60 minute session where Hanna takes you on a pathway that helps you to understand yourself, what matters to you in your life and allows you to lead a balanced life. 


I thoroughly recommend anyone who is struggling with these types of issue to have a conversation with Hanna.

R.W., Commercial Waste Connections

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I would like to thank you for your online talk on ‘How to Beat Fear’ the topic is very relevant to the current situation of what’s happing in the world with COVID-19 and people’s reactions.


I personally found useful the exercises as it has helped to make a decision that I have been procrastinating on for quite some time, so thank you for that.  The emotional intelligence piece was also very insightful, although I have come across emotional intelligence before, it was a good refresher and definitely it helps to put into perspective people’s behaviour.


I look forward to attending more of your online events.

Cristina Vannini-Goodchild, Senior Consultant at CVG Solutions.

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I’ve known Hanna for almost a year and recently attended her talk on how to beat fear. Her points are always presented in a calm and knowledgeable fashion and at the time I listened but wasn’t sure that they were relevant to my situation. Since then I have experienced a major setback professionally and this talk and Hanna’s outlook over a number of meeting have led me to see an opportunity where otherwise I would have only seen a negative.  Thanks for the mindset reset!  



I look forward to attending more of your online events.

Wendy Davidson, Hunt and Coombs.

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"Hanna  worked with us to deliver the Facing Fear workshop for the entire Peterborough office in June. We were looking to both coach our team through the COVID changes on the back of our Wellness Week and to develop them into advisors by beginning to develop their emotional intelligence. Hanna took this brief and developed a workshop with interactive sessions engaged the entire team. She really listened and understood what we were looking to achieve and the result was that we had excellent feedback on both the day and the change in individuals behaviour going. She was great to work with and took the time to understand the business to ensure she delivered what we were looking for."

Ruth Evered, Senior Manager, Saffery Champness

The session helped me outline how to structure my days efficiently and by doing so it helped release stress. I found that the questions Hanna had asked me were very direct and got down to the core of what I needed to work on and that helped me schedule my daily lifestyle in a positive way. I am very grateful for the session and have been lucky to have been able to attend.

Tammy N.

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Every coach needs challenge and support from a good coach of their own and I recently started a programme with Hanna. Although this was ostensibly to address a work-related issue, Hanna’s curiosity and careful enquiry led to a discussion about a family issue that has bothered me for decades. World-class coaching is about listening and asking great questions, which Hanna does extremely well. As we explored the family issue, Hanna quickly drew out of me a range of sensible and pragmatic options to work through. She coached me to commit to do something that I had been shying away from for years. When I took the action I had agreed to, the response from my family was extremely positive and, as crazy as it sounds, in one conversation we have changed the future of our relationships permanently. If you want to benefit from the insight, curiosity and focus of a great coach, I would highly recommend Hanna – she has had a significant impact on my life in just one session.

Garry Crosby, Action Coach

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Coaching is something that is new to me and I had never stopped to consider what it is, what is does and the associated benefits. I rarely ask for help so when the opportunity came of a coaching session, I have to be honest by saying I was somewhat skeptical of any perceived benefits it may offer.

Hanna coached me on an issue I am currently facing. We conducted in the session outside in the fresh air in a natural environment and this straightaway put me at ease and was conducive to opening up and talking about the things that mattered to me. During the session, Hanna asked simple but direct and poignant questions which really made me think. There was no pressure to answer the questions or time limit to answer them within. I could simply reflect internally on what she’d asked.

Hanna didn’t judge me on the answers I’d given but a handful of simple questions caused a thought process which I reflected upon for days to come. The session didn’t end with the face-to-face conversation as Hanna gave prompts to achieving my goals for days to come.

The overall impact of the session has caused me to take steps in changing the way I do things.

J.G., anonymous

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During Covid19 and after some recent challenging personal events, I felt it was time to dig in myself to understand where I was going with my business and my life in general. When I met Hanna, I felt she was the professional I could trust!  

Thanks to Hanna’s expertise and approach, I managed to pinpoint areas of my life I felt were causing frustration and distress, initially it was my relationship with my 18 y-old daughter. 

Hanna managed to gently guide me through aspects of my personality and behaviour I couldn’t see before. By using her Kaizen practical approach, I was able to address and improve things around me by managing my bad habits. That was a revelation for me!! I felt much more in control since it was ME I had to work on in order to “fix” things around me. During the four sessions I learned to adopt an effective strategy which I can apply to all aspects of my life, such as work, relationships, leisure, spirituality. Thanks, Hanna, for your patience and valuable guidance. Highly recommended! 

Conchetta Laquintana, Conchie the Home Coach

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Hanna is a breath of fresh air when it comes to having her in your corner from a coaching point of view. You don't know what you don't know, Hanna very cleverly gets you thinking about your business and life, in ways you could not do on your own. We all should be striving to improve what we do and how we think continually, teamwork multiplies this and Hanna on your team is a must.

Paul Glenn, Sliding Paradigms

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I recently had a great experience with Hanna at her EQ mastermind workshop which I attended in early October. The topic was how reduce levels of procrastination. As a person who can suffer from this it was great to get an overall picture of why and what I can do about it. At the end of the session I signed up to her EQ mastermind group sessions which starts on 5th November. Really great content and can't recommend Hanna enough!

John Sinclair, Director, Loman Miller Associates

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The coaching session took place in a safe and friendly atmosphere and I felt like I could trust Hanna immediately. During the session and on the basis of my identified short- and long-term needs, I set up a goal of shortening my working hours and other operational goals for my business, with a deadline.

Clarifying my objectives and prioritising them made me take quick actions I had been struggling with and procrastinating about for months, such as signing up for a diploma course to enhance my qualifications and offering as a makeup artist and purchasing an appropriate and best-value for money insurance for my business.

To summarise the impact of the session, it helped me put things in the right order and get on with my actions!

Monika Baczkowska, Mona Visage

When Hanna approached me about coaching I was happy to give it a trial - I know and understand the concept of coaching and in the past have benefitted greatly from coaches with larger than life characters that have worked on goals and breaking them down with how to get there.  Hanna is a lovely lady but at the first meeting I will admit to being initially skeptical about her approach, she encouraged me to look at all options to a difficulty I was having at the time - the obvious, the unachievable and the outright bizarre.  


My initial reaction was well why, I cannot do that and so to write it down is a waste of time, I am naturally a rigid thinker and having decided on a course of action will generally but my all into making it happen.  I could see the most logical path and so I wanted to explore and make it happen.  Hanna encouraged me to try it her way for 20 minutes - to explore the weird and bizarre options that frankly I would never of even thought of without that conversation never mind considered their merit.  


However from this exercise I was encouraged to think about all options and this raised ideas that whilst not feasible themselves did have merit and I was able to use sections of them in order to get from point a to b in a more timely and cost efficient manner.  As it turns out the most logical route was not the one that I chose to take and I am glad to have spent that time out of the organisation working on the organisation in order to really change how I approached the problem.  I have now had 5 sessions with Hanna and every time I come away with a different perspective and I find myself challenging the way I have always approached things in order to look at all options available to me before making a decision. 


For anyone who thinks that coaching isn’t for them, who is considering coaching or who has worked successfully with a coach before I would say give Hanna a try and see what a difference she can help you make

Michelle, CEO, Little Miracles  

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