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The retreat is an accelerated programme for those ready to implement change, but needing to plan for it and learn the tools necessary for effective change. You could be working on finding out how to implement change over a few months whereas during the retreat, which is an accelerated weekend programme, you will learn the foundations in just two days. If you continue with the programme over the next 90 days which is part of the proposition, you will achieve more in 3 months than you would have in 12!

Do you feel you are living a stressful life?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Is your life out of balance?

Do you procrastinate?

Do you struggle managing your emotions?

Is frustration or anxiety a frequent guest in your life?

Do you lack focus?

Do you feel confused about what you actually want from life?

If you've answered yes to most of the above questions, read on ...

YOU and only you are responsible for the way your life happens and how you respond to it. By re-learning the way you perceive the world, retraining yourself in the way you think and speak to yourself, you can become more effective and your life better-organised, calmer and more fulfilling. All it takes is to understand how to do it and apply yourself to it by making small changes, which, if implemented with the right mindset and consistently, will inevitably bring about the desired outcome. The retreat will show you how to do that and if you let yourself, it will be the first step to TRANSFORMING your life.

YOU will start perceiving yourself and the world differently, start thinking more positive thoughts, experience kinder and happier feelings, which are fundamental to live a new MUCH happier life. 

How would it feel to

  • wake up every morning in anticipation of what great things the day is going to bring about?

  • have a life full of appreciation and internal and external kindness

  • stop complaining and procrastinating, and instead, live a life of ENDLESS ACHIEVEMENT? 

  • live a life full of purpose, excitement and certainty you are making the most out of it?

We all struggle to make the time and create headspace for the positive change in our life we want to happen while engrossed in the daily work and home routine. We promise ourselves to do something truly for ourselves one day over and over again... We let ourselves down and yet another year goes by spent on the “One Day I’ll…”.

If you have finally plucked up all your courage and energy to make a lasting change in your life, congratulations! And welcome, YOU have come to the right place.

Expected outcome

More time for the things you actually want to do, such as spend more time with your family

No sense of guilt or regret due to neglecting the important areas of your life such as health, family, friends, self-development and hobbies

A healthier and more balanced life


The program is not for you if

If you aren’t ready and committed to making change in your life 

If you don't believe that people can change even if they have been equipped with the right tools, strategies and techniques and a robust training on how to use them 

If you think that spending money on planning and building your personal success is not a priority

If you have achieved everything you need in your life and have no desire to improve anything in your life because it’s already perfect as it is


What exactly is a FROM A GOAL SETTER TO A GOAL GETTER Retreat?

It’s a life skills program


Ok, but how am I going to achieve all this in just 2-days, what’s involved?

You will regain control of your life by going through the following steps:

  • Self-analysis of your strengths and weaknesses

  • Reflecting on where you are

  • Finding out what really matters to you

  • A plan of how to get where you want to get

  • Developing strategies and helpful thought patterns that will get you where you want to be (while you also enjoy yourself while getting there) FOR LIFE!



What kind of change can you expect immediately?

  1. Deeper understanding and awareness of who you are and who you want to be. For example, if you have always wanted to learn a foreign language, or take a year off work to explore this beautiful world, or write a book, maybe live a more balanced and healthier life, this will be your opportunity to start making your dreams come true by turning them into an action plan.

  2. A plan of getting there and a structure to achieve more in the next 90 days than you would otherwise in 365 days.

  3. Feeling great: motivated and on the right track.

The Retreat Agenda



10.00-13.00 coaching session 1

13.00-14.00 lunch

14.00-17.00 coaching session 2

19.00-20.30 dinner



10.00-13.00 coaching session 3

13.00-14.00 lunch

14.00-16.00 coaching session 4

16.00-16.30 vale

Kaizen Continuous Improvement Coaching Studio has created the perfect opportunity for YOU to go on this short but powerful adventure – an invigorating and nourishing retreat for your mindset.

Ironically, taking yourself away to a place where you can slow down, relax and stimulate your mind in new ways will create a boost of motivation and productivity which are essential to be able to implement lasting change.

Wouldn’t it be perfect to find yourself in a beautiful location far away enough from home and work to unplug, yet close enough to experience the comfort of somewhere nearby and feeling like home? Imagine an exciting day with like-minded people who want more in life just like YOU – to be more, to do more, and to have more. All of that happening at an elegant venue and in the surroundings conducive to self-reflection and relaxation. 


15-16 February 2020 (Sat-Sun)

7-8 March 2020 (Sat-Sun)

A group of up to 20 people with high-quality contact time and individual coaching included

Location: Cambridgeshire 


Investment of £795



£80 cash-back for you, if you refer a friend or partner and they complete the retreat.


fantastic value

2 full days of coaching with a follow up plan

money back guarantee!

We are so certain you will succeed in achieving progress as a result of the retreat that we are able to offer you a refund for the coaching sessions if you don't.*


* This is provided you follow all the learnings from the retreat. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.


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